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How do you summarise your life into a few words? Age means that you have clarity of memory about events long ago and less or nil recall about recent events.

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At the age of 5, during my first week at school, I was so pleased with my artwork that I brought the paint water, used to mix the colours and clean the brushes, home with me. Of course it spoiled my school bag – but it showed my early enthusiasm for art. Art, mathematics and science came easily to me but english was by weakness. I repeatedly took and failed my english, which I needed to get to university. On the 9th attempt I passed – only to be told that the university regulations had changed and a qualification in english was no longer required!

I read computing at university, using huge machines the size of a small house. We students were allowed 2 minutes per week of CPU processing time each – highly frustrating! It soon became clear that mathematics and statistics offered a better career path, not least due to a pretty young girl on that course to whom I have been married these past 37 years.

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Postgraduate studies followed, partly due to the economic situation in the early 1970s, and then my first job at an agricultural research institute in Cambridge. The staff were not sure I would last long, but 35 varied and interesting years later, which involved computing, statistics, teaching and latterly research – including writing a doctoral book of 110,000 words (not bad for a poor english student) and languages learnt at the ripe age of 50, it was time to re-address the work-life balance.

I'd continued my interest in art in various strange ways – particularly in collage and craft – and taken holiday snaps but it wasn't until the age of 30 that I came to formal photography. I joined my first camera club in 1980, and the Royal Photographic Society shortly afterwards, gaining a fellowship in 1990. I have a passion for the people of the small, but very poor country of Moldova in particular and eastern-Europe in general. And so CEEM Ltd – Central and Eastern European Ministries – was born. It has been a privilege to help and serve these gracious people for many years. They teach us far more than we can ever teach them.

When asked why I chose science over art when I have talent in both, my reply has always been the same: "Science paid the bills... art was my hobby... but a time will come when these roles will be reversed. Art has just been postponed!" And now that moment has come…!




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