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In contrast to my commercial services, where the customer tells me exactly what needs to be done, with my creative services you supply the images and allow me to produce a unique "creative image". This process is less prescriptive and will be by iteration – by which I mean that I will craft and send you several draft variants and you can respond until we have an agreed narrow artistic zone to work on some full-scale images.

There are three basic forms for creativity that I offer:

The first is the application globally (to all of the image) or selectively (only to parts of the image) of an effect "filter" [FX] of which there are hundreds if not thousands, each of which can be tuned or presented in many different ways. Hence the scope of FX is practically infinite. The downside is that I cannot apply all possible FX to the supplied image, so you select from a vast array of samples. I can be steered initially, then suggest some possible examples based on the steer and the image and work from there. Creativity works by inspiration not formulation. The more FX that I try out and send to you; the more the job will cost (see detail below) at £60 per hour.

Secondly, I can produce photo montage effects – like multi-image photo-frames which allow many images to be viewed as a collection but without the constraint of the pre-cut frame. My MFIAP panel is an extreme example of this in free-expression form and my series of 6 monochrome images based at Butlins holiday camp, Skegness, has been produced as a pseudo-framed type using whole images. If you send me a set of images (from 3 to 20), I can create a photo-montage in a style suggested by you or myself. All the submitted images should ideally be of the same resolution and overall quality, but colour and monochrome can be mixed.

Thirdly, if you have an ideal image that you'd like to hang on the wall but want something special to "frame" it, I can add a frame as part of the image, selected from a directory of thousands of examples or even create one specifically for you. There are so many effects to choose from and together we can find the perfect one.

All creative services are based on a cost rate of £60 per hour or pro-rata. If you email me an image describing in general terms what the resultant image could look like, I will assess the work involved and send you an estimate or guide price (ie between £x and £z).

Once you accept the work estimate, I require image files for each component at the highest possible resolution. These can be e-mailed (up to 5mb) or sent on a CD by post – please note CDs will not be returned except at the customer's expense. There is a minimum non-returnable charge of £30 which covers the first 30 minutes' work and thereafter the work is pro-rata at £60 per hour. No work will be undertaken until you agree the guide price estimate. If you are not completely happy with the work, you have 14 days to contact me and discuss what further work is required or to have the remainder of the fee refunded.




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