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In many of my creative works in the galleries, image components have been lifted from one image and placed in another in a realistic and seamlessly way. These same methods can be applied to straightforward non-creative situations and are particularly useful when adding objects or people to images. Imagine that you have a special family occasion when a key person is unable to attend, it may be possible to add them digitally after the event – providing that the images are of compatible resolution and quality. In a similar manner, images can have a new background or a different sky.

The major cost component is the time taken to "cut and lift" the image and in my methods there is no short-cut; near enough is not good enough. Despite many software and other technical advances, I have not found a filter or tool that does this task to the level of precision that I'm happy with. The well-known saying  "...if a job is worth doing; it is worth doing well ..." applies here.

Wedding Photography by John Law

A technique to bring emphasis to a monochrome image is called "hand-tinted" in which parts of the image are selectively and sympathetically coloured in a minimalistic way to give a "weak water-colour" look.

Of course, it is possible to pick & mix by combining some or all of these techniques. For example, to add a person and change the background and the sky and carry out selective hand-tinting. If you can describe exactly what you require; it can be done. The word exactly is underlined deliberately as I'm being paid to alter/manipulate photographic images, not to guess what you might have in mind. Images will be returned by e-mail at the same resolution as those supplied.

Wedding Photography by John Law

All commercial services involving image manipulation are based on a rate of £60 per hour or pro-rata.  If you email me an image together with detailed instructions of your requirements, I will assess the work involved and send you an estimate or guide price (ie between £x and £z).

Once you accept the work estimate, I require image files for each component at the highest possible resolution. These can be e-mailed (up to 5mb) or sent on a CD by post – please note CDs will not be returned except at the customer's expense. There is a minimum non-returnable charge of £30 which covers the first 30 minutes' work and thereafter the work is pro-rata at £60 per hour. No work will be undertaken until you agree the guide price estimate. If you are not completely happy with the work, you have 14 days to contact me and discuss what further work is required or to have the remainder of the fee refunded.

I  also undertake photo travel assignments; wedding photography and other commercial photographic assignments; lectures and presentations. Please e-mail or phone (see contact me) with a description of what is required for a competitive quotation.

My speciality at weddings is to take candid shots, behind the scenes shots and supporting setting/venues details. Hence I support and complement an official photographer.




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