Digital Restoration and Retouching

Restoration is a repair or recovery activity, usually but not exclusively on old photographs. At the most simple level this may involve scanning and the removal of slight scratches, small cracks, mold-marks, dealing with edge defects etc. A greater level of work is required if the original is badly faded and there are many unsightly cracks or scratches.

If an old photograph is torn, it may be necessary to rebuild missing parts of the image (using auxiliary images if available in the case of portraiture or historical record images). I will need to know from you what the ideal resorted image should look like, but as restoration work is an art form, the results will be subjective. Upon receipt of your restoration instructions and a photocopy of the damaged image (original not required at this stage as it may be valuable), I will assess the work involved and send you an estimate or guide price (ie between £x and £z). Once you accept the work estimate, you will need to have the original images/photographs scanned locally (along with any auxiliary images that may be required in the case of family portraits). These scans will generate image files at the highest possible resolution which can be e-mailed (up to 5mb) or sent on a CD by post – please note CDs not returned except at the customer's expense.

Retouching/Restoration Example

Mr Law has grown a little!

digital retouching

There is a minimum non-returnable charge of £30 which covers the first 30 minutes' work and thereafter the work is pro-rata at £60 per hour. No work will be undertaken until you agree the guide price estimate. If you are not completely happy with the work, you have 14 days to contact me and discuss what further work is required or to have the remainder of the fee refunded.

Retouching corrects tone, exposure, contrast or colour red-eye. It may be possible to deal with closed eyes and non-smiling faces if additional images (taken at the same time) are available to clone from. In addition, a colour original can be converted into a monochrome image or colour toned. (For details of my services to remove or add objects or people from another image; hand colouring and tinting monochrome images; and digital effects – see commercial services.)

Email me details of the global or specific features that you need me to address and to what extent. I only undertake work where the original image is in a digital file. Upon receipt of your retouching instructions and the image file, I will assess the work involved and send you a price based on £60 per hour. No work will be undertaken until you agree the cost estimate. There is a minimum non-returnable charge of £10.




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