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Getting in the Hay - Landscape.

Location is on English NE Coast north of Whitby. The farmer was frantically trying to finish the hay cutting before the fast approaching storm. The shot was taken on colour print film and the print when processed failed to bring out the drama of the scene. This was my first use of Photoshop as an electronic dark-room. By this I mean using tools on the PC that would be used in the dark-room such as selectively “burning2 and “dodging”; contrast control and image cropping. The final image recovers that “lost drama” giving a view full of impact.

Robin Hood’s Bay – Seascape.

Image shot on the same coast as “Getting in the Hay”, but south of Whitby. Similar basis dark-room techniques are applied. Two points are worth making. Firstly, that being a darkroom user of modest talent and can testify that skills honed and mistakes made can usefully be transferred to the PC and application of Photoshop or similar software. Secondly, there is quite a lot of space on the left-hand side of the image. It was tempting at the time to add a “yellow Submarine” or other surreal element as we now have the technology. Resist; simple is best.

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