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Esplanades became popular in Victorian times when it was fashionable to visit seaside resorts. A Promenade, often abbreviated to 'The Prom', was an area where people - couples and families especially - would go to walk for a while in order to 'be seen' and be considered part of 'society' without being "soiled" by walking on the sand. Today ‘to promenade’ has come to mean a leisurely walk. Proms in general are built to contour round at or near the waters edge; hence they are easy walking. A great place for people watching, a place to watch other people walking with no particular place to go; no particular time to be there; enjoying the getting there as well as the destination. Here the prom was behind a new massive concrete wall so the main expected feature of being able to enjoy the sea from the prom was absent - none the less the prom was interesting generating shadows of lamps against a vivid blue sky. I enjoy proms and seek them out when at the sea-side.




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