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Chicago City

Just two blocks walk away from the Greyhound depot in Chicago was my pre-booked hotel. I checked-in and the first excitement was heralded by car horns blearing away easily heard from my room. This turned out to be a mass a bicycle demonstration with thousands riding through the city ignoring red traffic lights - hence the angry use of the car-horns sounding off as they were forced to wait! Even when I came down from my room several minutes later (to explore the city) bicycles were streaming across the normally busy junction; with no end in sight the car horns were still blaring and drivers waited impatiently!

I walked to Union Station with its impressive external architecture but the underground station area did not seem to include “trains” although lots of weary travelers were lugging suit-cases about rather aimlessly. The down-town section of the city, at this time of night, was busy with taxi cabs creating shimmering patterns of tail-lights.




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