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The Alpen Tower is the name given to the end of the cable car system which starts in Meiringen. The cable car top station is at 2350m above sea level and mainly used by skiers in the winter. For non-skiers it offers great views across the valley to the well known Jungfrau range but closer to hand to peaks to 3500m. Coming from a country where our mountains are measured in feet and the Monroes of Scotland are peaks above 970m, this vantage point took my breath away. We were blessed with pristine weather – sun and blue sky – which allowed each view to be seen at its best and plenty of time to enjoy this experience. The more you looked, the more you see. Small details are noticed that in our hectic world we do not see as we rush past. Snow and ice take on colours and textures. Even the sound of the crunch as you walk on the snow becomes “musical”.




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